What is STERILIZATION? | Cat Village SA

What is Sterilisation?

It is a surgical process performed by a vet, where the reproductive organs are removed. Your pet’s character will not change after the surgery, but if the male dog was aggressive before, then this behaviour will be less or disappear. For Females, they will stop being on heat.

Advantages of Sterilisation
  • Reduces overpopulation of dogs and cats.
  • Reduces the chances of cancer in ovaries.
  • Prevents pyometria, an inflammatory process of the uterus.
  • Reduces breast tumours (if sterilised before first heat).
  • Prevents pseudocyesis in females.
  • Reduces males aggressiveness towards other males.
  • Reduces males need to mark territory.
  • Reduces the risk of tumours in males.
  • Reduces anxiety and the habit to run away in males.