How you can help Cat Village

Our cats love visitors !


Come and visit the cats and interact with them. Our cats need a lot of love and attention.

Many of them come from abusive backgrounds. By spending time with them, you will be helping

to rehabilitate them and getting them to trust humans again.


Visits are allowed on Saturdays and Sundays between 10am and 2pm.


We welcome school and church groups as well!


....and don't forget to bring a food donation!





How you can help


Running a large sanctuary with over 1000 cats costs a minimum of R75,000 per month without maintenance of the sanctuary.

This includes cat food, vet bills, tick and flea treatment, staff wages, blankets and housing, immune boosters, etc.

We welcome any help no matter how small.


  • Spend time with our cats
  • Donate to Cat Village
  • Sponsor a cat
  • Help us to fundraise
  • Bring food and blankets !
  • Buy our annual calendar
  • Link Cat Village as a beneficiary on your My School Card.



Buy our Annual Calendar

Every year, Cat Village designs a beautiful calendar featuring many of our cats.

This helps us to raise funds to run the sanctuary.

Please purchase one or two. Tell your friends and give them out as gifts.

The cost of the calendar is R85 plus couriers costs. They are also available at various outlets.

Details of these will follow.


Our 2024 Calendar is now available.   ORDER HERE


Sponsor one or two of our

beautiful cats


By sponsoring a cat, you are contributing to the welfare of this precious cat, including food, medication and housing.

You can choose from our selection here.

The cost is R250 per year. You will also receive a certificate with a picture of the cat you have sponsored. You are also welcome to come and meet your cat.

Help us to help them !



Make a financial donation

Running a sanctuary is expensive and we make sure that our cats get the best we can give them.

As you know, prices keep going up, from cat food to vet bills and everything in between.

Every bit helps !


You can donate directly into our bank account or through Payfast.


Banking Details:   


Account Name:        Cat Village SA

Branch:                  Nedbank Northmead

Account number:     194 806 9105

Branch Code:          198765









We are not funded !


Cat Village is not funded and relies totally on donations from generous individuals and companies to run the village.

Your help is needed to look after these precious souls.


As our cats are previously abused or abandoned, we do not rehome or sell cats.


Your donation is tax deductable and tax certificates are issued on request.


Cat Village is a registered NPO and PBO

Link your Woolies or My School Card


Apply for a MySchool Card HERE, or add Cat Village as a beneficiary.

Cat Village will get a portion for every cent you spend at Woolies.